The latest release of the open source Telerik ASP.NET MVC framework contains a new calendar control.  This control functions similar to the ASP.NET AJAX calendar extender calendar, where it shows a month view, year view, and decade view, and responds to clicks on the client.  Telerik can also specially process clicks for the server too.  Let’s take a look at the calendar.  I’m assuming you are familiar with the telerik component setup.

 .MinDate(new DateTime(DateTime.Today.Year – 1, 1, 1))
 .MaxDate(new DateTime(DateTime.Today.Year + 1, 12, 31))
 .Selection((sel) =>
   sel.Action(“SelectedDate”, new { selected = true });

 The calendar control can regulate the minimum and maximum dates that can be selected (here a three year range is valid).  This restriction is valid for all three calendar views too.  The other option processes a calendar click by redirecting to another action method (hence the Action method) called SelectedDate.

The calendar (using the Vista style) looks like the following in month view:


Clicking on the header goes into year view:


Clicking on the header again goes into decade view:


And drilling back down by selecting the year, month, and day causes a redirection to the URL http://localhost/Calendar/SelectedDate?selected=4/8/2010, which is an action method in the calendar controller that we specified above.  Also, we specified a selected property with a boolean; that boolean gets overridden and it uses the selected property to store the selected date.  You can call this whatever you want.