Entity Framework

As you probably know, the Entity Framework 4 feature translates LINQ queries to SQL to execute in the backend.  However, what Entity Framework may render a SQL query that looks much different.  Entity Framework’s SQL query building process may involve the use of subqueries, nested joins, or any other construct.     var ctx = […]

I was working on a sample MVC 2 project, and wanted to post about the approach I took for updates.  I’m not saying that this is “definitely the way you have to do” any updates to your database.  I was evaluating the approach people were taking when it comes to attaching objects to the context.  […]

I am really looking forward to the next version of the Entity Framework, labeled 4.0 to match the .NET framework 4.0.  Outside of the realm of the POCO designer setup, model first development, and some of those other design aspects, I’m going to look at this from the practical applications to a .NET developer, that […]

I’m starting to get into a project using ADO.NET entity model.  This is a pretty cool technology, and I like a lot of the features (especially the logical model approach).  There are some things I really dislike about Phase 1, like having to delete the entire model or edit SSDL manually (or with XML tool) […]