I’ve been working with LimeJS, developing a sample game using this HTML 5/JavaScript framework.  LimeJS is a free framework that renders games in the DOM, using the HTML 5 canvas, or even using WebGL.  The game I was building is a letter-based game.  The game was a simple shell (without too much styling) and is […]

Controls like the LinkButton control in web forms all provide a postback mechanism to post data to the server through a client-side JavaScript method called __doPostBack (or alternatively WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions).  This method takes the unique ID of the control as the first argument, and a combination of command name and/or argument as the second parameter (concatenated […]

JQuery provides a superb way of easily finding and manipulating elements.  But, if you don’t watch yourself, it can quickly become  quite dangerous and easily be broken.  For intance, imagine this file structure, with some example elements listed as its children. Page UC 1 – div class=”Target1″ UC2 – div class=”Target2″ and so on.  If […]

Anyone who develops on the web these days develops with JavaScript.  As applications become richer in capability, they need to rely on the functionality JavaScript has to offer, or seek another solution like Silverlight or WPF.  As ASP.NET web forms or MVC applications grow in size, functionality gets separated into separate classes, pages (views), user […]