In continuing the series on the Nucleo MVP framework, we’re going to look at how easy it may be to use AJAX.  Like the web services proxy generation to the server-side web server, the Nucleo MVP currently supports limited AJAX proxy support (with more support to come).  Using the Nucleo.Web.MVP framework, the project and the […]

I’ve been using the MVP pattern for a new project and have developed an open-source framework (available here).  I’m not an MVP expert, but I’ve learned a lot about the pattern and UI patterns at a whole.  One important idea about the pattern that I’ve learned is to ensure that the layers are properly separated. […]

The Nucleo MVP framework, at the presenter level, contains a complex system for cross-presenter messaging that each presenter can act on.  Using the presenter’s CurrentContext property, the EventRegistry object contains methods to subscribe and publish to events using a variety of syntaxes. For instance, a presenter can subscribe to an event using the following syntax. […]

The open source framework I created has been released for the 0.6 version, which includes: Some AJAX control updates New MVC helpers An MVP framework agnostic to a specific environment (though with only an ASP.NET implementation at the moment, but more to come there). Framework Plumbing updates/issue fixes Several ways to develop custom AJAX components […]

In continuing the series of the Nucleo MVP framework, the first parts of the steps can be found here: Nucleo MVP: A new framework later this year Nucleo MVP: Setting Up the Presenter  As I mentioned before, the presenter knows the view through an interface.  The following is a sample interface. public interface ICreateCustomerView : IView {                 #region ” Events “ […]

This post is in a series of posts on the MVP framework.  The first entry can be read here. In the framework due to release by the end of 2010, the Nucleo MVP framework provides several options for setting up the presenter.  First, the presenter interface has the following implementations: IPresenterIPresenter<TView>IPresenter<TView, TModel> Each of these […]

Over the course of my career, I’ve always thought there was a better way to develop ASP.NET applications than the traditional style of developing web applications.  In my past applications early on in my career, you could see my lack of understanding of applied design patterns.  At first, I attempted to do sort of an […]

I released the 0.5 version of the Nucleo framework yesterday to  In it are: General utility components Web helper methods AJAX controls for web forms AJAX controls for MVC A basic MVP framework that will grow in the future Helpers for testing, TDD NUnit assertions, helpers There are two downloads, one for the source binaries […]

I’m continuing the series of blog posts on my Nucleo control suite available at  This post is on the way that tags can be rendered.  ASP.NET MVC has a TagBuilder class for creating a class to generate markup and render that markup to the brower.  If you have used any of the HTML extensions […]

This is a continuation of a blog series on creating services.  You can find the previous articles here: Accessing Service Oriented API’s using an IService interface So the ApplicationContext object uses a service loader as one way to load the IService objects into it.  This class exists solely to load these services into the context.  […]

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