My latest release at http://www.codeplex/nucleo also features a new Link control (in the Nucleo.Web.Controls namespace).  This control tries to integrate two kinds of links; clickable links which fire an event, and redirection links that navigate to another site.  The link control incorporates an enumeration to incorporate this: the ClickAction property of type LinkClickAction.  When set […]

If you’ve used MVC, you know the System.Web.Abstractions API offers you a lot of capabilities to make it easy to write unit tests in your MVC controllers.  It’s really easy to setup a Moq or TypeMock unit test to create a fake implementation of objects like HttpContextBase.  Some objects are not as testable.  For instance, […]

I’ve been working on a project available at for  It’s a project I’ve had in the works for a while, and it’s finally coming to fruition.  So I am starting to create blog posts explaining features about these controls.  I am really excited about this button because I think it offers you more than […]

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