I’ve recently written a series on using Knockout JS.  You can view the series using the following links: Introduction to Knockout JS, Part 1: Basics to Binding Knockout Part 2: Scope Knockout Part 3: Events Knockout Part 4: Inputs Knockout Part 5:

I was looking at the MVC ReCaptcha project available at http://mvcrecaptcha.codeplex.com/.  It’s a pretty simple to implement into your MVC project, and its effective  for implementing the core captcha capabilities quickly.  The framework wraps the ASP.NET web forms control that is available on Google code, for which Google has not created its own MVC implementation (to […]

We experienced an odd bug after upgrading from a 2010 version of the Telerik ASP.NET AJAX controls to the latest 2012 version (the most recently released hotfix). I kept getting an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” error in RadComboBox.OnInit event, created from the GridPagerItem of the RadGrid. Strangely enough, I […]

For a project I was leading at the Baltimore Give Camp in October, one of my teammates suggested we use Trello, a task management web application available online.  I immediately saw its usefulness, and wanted to write this blog post as a means to explain how I use trello for my own various purposes.  Keep […]

I figured I’d write a blog detailing the nightmare scenario I encountered in regards to Entity Framework and Stored Procedures in SQL Server, and trying to get Entity Framework to generate the metadata.  It all started when creating a complicated search stored procedure, which included subqueries, inner and outer joins, tables variables, etc.  For some […]

When using the entity objects generated by the Entity Framework, it’s tempting to utilize the drill-through properties available.  For instance, suppose you had this code sample (ctx is a reference to the ObjectContext). var users = from u in ctx.Users where u.IsActive == true select u; foreach (var u in users) { var recentPassword = […]

Most people understand how to use the Unity framework, or at least I hope.  Microsoft Unity is a pretty useful DI container.  If you need to learn more about it, check out my article on dotnetslackers here: http://dotnetslackers.com/articles/aspnet/Using-Microsoft-Unity-in-ASP-NET-MVC.aspx.  In this example, there is a sample custom configuration file that registers unity contract types to their mapped […]

Mohammad Elsheimy posted a blog about a series of Windows Phone 7 videos that take only 7 minutes to watch.  MSDEV has published the videos that are code-focused approach to illustrating the mobile development platform. The blog post is here: http://justlikeamagic.wordpress.com/2010/04/25/learn-windows-phone-7-development-in-7-minutes-each/

    <p> Main Action</p> <% Html.BeginForm(); %>  <div>  Name: <%= Html.TextBox(“IndexName”) %> </div> <div>  Value: <%= Html.TextBox(“IndexValue”) %> </div>  <input type=”submit” value=”save” /> <% Html.EndForm(); %> <%= Html.Action(“Custom”, new { title = “Test Title” }).ToHtmlString()%>   [HttpGet, ChildActionOnly]public ActionResult Custom(){ return PartialView();} [HttpPost]public ActionResult Custom(FormCollection form){ return PartialView();} public ActionResult Index(){ return View();}       <p> Main Action</p> <form action=”/RenderingActions” method=”post”>  <div>  Name: <input id=”IndexName” name=”IndexName” […]

The ASP.NET Enterprise Application Development book, which is part of the Problem/Design/Solution series, is setup as a book that illustrates the problem first, then moves to the design (and looks at various design possibilities), and finishes up with the solution to implement.  The sample project for this book is a time-tracking opportunity, an application to […]

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