For some reason, I couldn’t figure out why that the NeedDataSource event wasn’t firing correctly.  I spent hours trying to figure out the solution, and this forum post really helped me to solve the issue: http://www.telerik.com/community/forums/reporting/telerik-reporting/needdatasource-event-not-firing-when-updating-the-reportviewer.aspx.  When using stored procedures, Telerik stores datasets in the component designer within the report, as well as their table […]

Recently I’ve been playing around with DynamSoft: an online source control product based in SQL Server. The product SourceAnywhere is a great product to use for source control because of the ability to connect anywhere online. We live in a connected world and people are connecting from across the globe; internet source control is a […]

I must admit that Twitter is a subject that intrigues me, just like all of these social service media do.  But this book is more than just about Twitter; it’s also about Twitter’s architecture and the use of REST-based applications and services that can be exposed through other means than just twitter (WCF, for example).  It’s […]

I’ve been working on a new MVC project and man has it been enlightening!  It’s my first MVC project, so I get to go through all the things I thought I knew from reading Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework (Apress by Steve Sanderson) to realizing I don’t know squat,and have to really delve into the learning […]

Rating: 5 out of 5 I believe Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework is one of the best books on the market about MVC.  This book is crammed with a lot of information that you need to know as a developer.  While he doesn’t cover each subject fully (no book really does that), he does cover the […]

I really like CodeSmith, a great tool for generating templates.  It comes with a variety of default templates, all managed in a Visual Studio-like environments, complete with intellisense that’s good, but not quite as powerful as Visual Studio.  I do a lot of scripting, so I wanted to make stored procedure generation easier.  One scenario […]

This post assumes you are familiar with TypeMock’s Arrange-Act-Assert method of test creation.  If you are not, please read my overview at: http://dotnetslackers.com/articles/designpatterns/TypeMocks-Arrange-Act-Assert.aspx.  When creating your fakes with TypeMock, you have to be careful which member your choose as the default mocking level.  For instance, when you create the following class: var cls = Isolate.Fake.Instance<TestClass>(); The […]

I read Matthew McDonald’s book Pro WPF to bone up on WPF, XAML, and everything .NET 3.5 has to offer.  I have to say that I was impressed by Matthew’s writing style, level of detail, and general knowledge that he passed onto the reader.  This fact is also the case with Pro Silverlight 2.  While […]

I found out yesterday that I was renewed as a Microsoft MVP for another year!  I look forward to tweeting, blogging, and writing about Microsoft .NET technologies.  You can connect to me with the following: Twitter: @brianmainsLinked In: http://www.linkedin.com/in/brianmains 

I created a TWTPOLL for this very question.  Please submit your opinion:  http://twtpoll.com/2oqm0o.  Thanks for your participation in advance.

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