I got this error strangely enough in one of my ASP.NET web forms projects.  I tried debugging through the application, but could never get Visual Studio to hit the actual error.  Some research leads to the following two posts that may offer some help: IIS Integrated Mode and Application Start “Request is not available in […]

Controls like the LinkButton control in web forms all provide a postback mechanism to post data to the server through a client-side JavaScript method called __doPostBack (or alternatively WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions).  This method takes the unique ID of the control as the first argument, and a combination of command name and/or argument as the second parameter (concatenated […]

Anyone who develops on the web these days develops with JavaScript.  As applications become richer in capability, they need to rely on the functionality JavaScript has to offer, or seek another solution like Silverlight or WPF.  As ASP.NET web forms or MVC applications grow in size, functionality gets separated into separate classes, pages (views), user […]

I recently created an MVP framework (http://nucleo.codeplex.com) that I was in the process of porting to a Silverlight 4 library for a project I’m working on.  As I was linking code to the project, I quickly realized that since the SIlverlight 4 is a subset of the .NET framework, I was running into issues with […]

In the interest of standardization, the RadComboBox allows a custom CSS clas to be specified for the dropdown, via the DropDownCssClass property (as if you probably couldn’t figure that one out :-D).  In an application I’m working on, we have a set of pre-built CSS classes of varying sizes, and we apply styles to the […]

I’ve been using the MVP pattern for a new project and have developed an open-source framework (available here).  I’m not an MVP expert, but I’ve learned a lot about the pattern and UI patterns at a whole.  One important idea about the pattern that I’ve learned is to ensure that the layers are properly separated. […]

The new ClientIDMode property is a new .NET 4.0 features that allows a developer to take control over the ClientID property.  In .NET 3.5 and earlier, the ClientID property renders in the ID HTML attribute for all controls.  The system generated ID would be very long, may be looking something like ct100_ct100_BOdyPlaceholder_Ctl for a control […]

The issue with the UpdatePanel control is that it’s not possible to invoke an AJAX request from client-side JavaScript.  Though possible to refresh the UI from client-side JavaScript using various means, the UpdatePanel control itself doesn’t invoke a postback explicitly through some API call; instead, it reacts to form posts through specifically targeted controls.  The […]

The open source framework I created has been released for the 0.6 version, which includes: Some AJAX control updates New MVC helpers An MVP framework agnostic to a specific environment (though with only an ASP.NET implementation at the moment, but more to come there). Framework Plumbing updates/issue fixes Several ways to develop custom AJAX components […]

In continuing the series of the Nucleo MVP framework, the first parts of the steps can be found here: Nucleo MVP: A new framework later this year Nucleo MVP: Setting Up the Presenter  As I mentioned before, the presenter knows the view through an interface.  The following is a sample interface. public interface ICreateCustomerView : IView {                 #region ” Events “ […]

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