ASP.NET MVC 2 has provided a lot more options for displaying the data to the end user within your views.  Here are a few of the options you have: Html.DisplayFor(i => i.FirstName) – DisplayFor renders the value of a property directly to the browser.  In this example, the FirstName property returns a string, which gets rendered.  […]

You may or may not have heard that ASP.NET MVC 2 has been released not too long ago.  There are quite a few changes that come with ASP.NET MVC 2.  In this article, I’m going to talk about some of the attribute changes related to MVC 2 now available to us: ChildActionOnly – This attribute […]

I really love the Action syntax, which has been made pretty popular with ASP.NET MVC because of its support for providing a customized template (see implementations of this in the MVC Contrib project and Telerik’s ASP.NET MVC framework, both which are open source).  Actions come in vary handy because they can affect the response stream […]

I am working on finishing an open source project and releasing a V1.0 of my Nucleo project (http://www.codeplex.com/nucleo).  I came across an example that I can use to illustrate testability.  Take a look at the following component:  public class WebTraceLogManager : ILogManager{ private Page GetPage() {  if (HttpContext.Current.Handler is Page)   return (Page)HttpContext.Current.Handler;  else   return null; }  public void LogError(Exception ex, string source) {  Page […]

Like web forms, MVC allows you to customize the building blocks for developing in MVC. Extension helpers are so easy to write because all it takes is an extension method like the following: public static class MyExtensions{    public static string CustomHiddenField(this HtmlHelper html, int key)    {         return string.Format(“<input type=’hidden’ value='{0}’ />”, key);    }} And now […]

The Telerik MVC grid that comes with Telerik’s MVC open source framework is awesome.  It really rocks; it has a lot of the features that exists within the ASP.NET AJAX framework are also in this grid implementation.  Not only that, it implements MVC syntaxes for constructing the UI.  Because the grid uses Action classes to […]

I’m relatively new to ASP.NET MVC.  I really like it though, though it is a big change for developers.  One of these changes is the way viewstate works in MVC views.  Well, in short, it doesn’t.  This is a fundamental change as the VIewState mechanism doesn’t exist (but you could build your own if you […]

I’m continuing the series of blog posts on my Nucleo control suite available at http://www.codeplex.com/nucleo.  This post is on the way that tags can be rendered.  ASP.NET MVC has a TagBuilder class for creating a class to generate markup and render that markup to the brower.  If you have used any of the HTML extensions […]

If you’ve built your own custom MS ASP.NET AJAX controls or extenders, you are familiar with the description process, where a control specifies the values that it wants to send at the creation of the client-side AJAX component (consider these values as default values).  ASP.NET AJAX gives you the ability to specify what you would […]

I and many other users constantly deal with how to make our applications perform better, and one dilemma can come from binding controls like the GridView control and many others.  This problem is even a problem related to control toolsets from external vendors as well.  ASP.NET isn’t always adaptive to knowing when to prevent a binding […]

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