To enable full text search you will need to do the following..

1) Upgrade the SharePoint named instance of SQL to full SQL Server 2000.. 
be sure that you install/add Full-Text Search.. (listed in the steps in the 
premiuminstallsteps.htm on the Premium cd)
2)  Once SQL Server the named instance is upgraded and service packed, then 
go to Start/Administrative Tools/SharePoint Central Administration  scroll 
down to the Component Configuration section and click on the Configure 
full-text search link.  Then click the checkbox to enable full-text search 
and index component..

Once that is done if you then go back to the companyweb site then you 
should see a text box in the upper right corner of the page (with a 
magnifying glass icon to the left.. ) to enter your search criteria.

4 Responses to Enabling Full Text Searches in Sharepoint by upgrading to SQL

  1. Thomas says:

    Great, but what if:

    1) I upgrade MSDE to SQL Server 2000

    2) Remove all SBS Components

    3) Reinstall all

    4) I have a SQL Server 2000 on this instance, but – full-text search is installed but is disabled?? (no entries in EM, and also this options in spsca not work…)

  2. S Bradley says:

    Why are you removing all SBS components?

  3. The official Link to the MS Article is here:;[LN];823377

    However, please note, that on various tests on different servers, we have had different results.

    We have found the following:

    Sometimes you need to install the SQL Server instance and SQL Service Pack more than once.

    Also, if you have already installed (or upgraded to SQL), you may need to stop the SQL Service for Sharepoint before running the "overwrite".

    The last point:

    "Install SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later. When you install SQL Server 2000 SP3, you receive the SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 Setup dialog box that contains both the Upgrade Microsoft Search and the apply SQL Server 2000 SP3 (required) check boxes. If you want to have full-text search functionality on the server, you must click to select the Upgrade Microsoft Search and apply SQL Server 2000 SP3 (required) check box."

    This is what it says in the article, however, I have found that the checkboxes do not appear when using the SBS SQL SP3 install. But, it WILL install the Full Text Indexing at the end of the SP.

  4. Aliasgar says:

    hello there

    well i have tried to follow the instruction below to enable full-text searching

    but when i install service pack 3a it ask me for authentication

    when i supply the windows authentication its validatiing the user and the it says "it can not validate the user please retry or cancel to exit"

    can someone help on this

    my email is

    Thanks in advance