If you want to add ISA to the console....
1. Right-click itprosbsconsole.msc from Documents and Settings\All 
Users\Application Data\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\Administration
2. Select Author.
3. Click File -> Add/Remove Snapin. 
4. Add the ISA snapin to anywhere you like. (You can double click Home 
Page, Advanced Management. Then put it below Migrate Server Settings).
5. Save the file and close the snapin.

One Response to Adding ISA to the management console

  1. Robert Dye says:

    You know – I just got around to installing ISA and tried this (from Harry B’s book. Problem is … the "Server Management" link in the Start Menu is connected to something called "LaunchConsole.exe". So the itprosbsconsole.msc gets changed but the link needs changed as well! – FYI to us noobie SBSer’s