1. Open LCS, right click User Services Global Settings, Properties. Under
the Domains tab, click Add, and add the .com domain (i.e.
2. Under LCS again, in the Users folder, verify the user is enabled, and
the SIP URI is set to
3. Go to DNS, create a forward lookup zone called “”.
4. Right-click, Other New Records, select Service Location
(SRV). For the Service, type _sip, for the Port number, type 5060, for the
host offering this service, type the FQDN of the server.
5. Ipconfig/flushdns, ipconfig/registerdns.
6. Go to LCS, right click the server, select Stop, then Start.
7. Logon to the IM (Windows Messenger 5.0) using the username under SIP Communications Service Accout.
8. Try to logon now.


5 Responses to Want to install Live Communication Server on SBS 2k3?

  1. Jean-Philippe Mica [.net MVP] says:

    Hi there,

    According to the whitepapers/specs, the hardware requirement are quite huge (2gig of RAM, etc…)

    I was wondering, what kind of resources does LCS use on a SBS2K3 box ?

    (RAM, Proc time, etc..)


  2. S Bradley says:

    Better to post in the SBS2k3 public newsgroup. I know that I personally have not installed it.

  3. Karina says:

    I install LCS 2005, and when I try to connect I get that SIP service is not availabe

  4. Susan says:

    Did you adjust the DNS as indicated above? Mine said the same thing until I added a SIP record in DNS

  5. I am able to login to the LCS using Windows messenger, but when i send a message, we get "the message could not be send.". We are using LCS 2005. Has anyone run into a similar issue?

    Thanks in advance.