if Microsoft Office 10 Beta is or ever has been installed on the
computer. Office 10 Beta includes a local Web store. This local Web
store registers itself in the following registry key:


This key contains the following three values:
– //\\.\backofficestorage
– //\\<server_name>\backofficestorage
– //\backofficestorage

These values contain a class ID. The class ID for the Office 10 local
Web storage system is {9da0e11f-86ce-11d1-8699-00c04fb98036}, but the
class ID for the Exchange 2000 Web storage system is
{9da0e0f3-86ce-11d1-8699-00c04fb98036}. If any of these registry values
contain the class ID for the Office 10 Web store, Setup does not work
and you receive the error message in the “Symptoms” section of this

296436 XADM: Setup Cannot Register the Exoledb.dll File

How do you feel about an uninstall/reinstall of
IIS/Exchange.  That’s also mentioned as a fix.

Try to make anew Default Web Site and what happens?
1. Start Internet Services Manager.
2. Right-click <YourServerName>, click New, and then click Web Site.
   This step starts the Web Site Creation Wizard.
3. Click Next.
4. Enter a description for this Web site, and then click Next.
5. Set the appropriate Internet Protocol (IP) and port setting, and
   then click Next.
6. Set the path for the Web site, and then click Next.
7. Set the appropriate Web site access permissions, and then click Next.
8. Click Finish.

This is mentioned in:
303063 XADM: An Error Message Occurs and Exchange 2000 Server Setup May

Are the entries in the Exchange Server Setup Progress.log consistent in
all these issues?


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