MSExchangeAL , event ID 8026 and 8250

If these are occuring right after start up and right before shut down you can safely ignore them.


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  1. Lisbeth says:

    I need help guys. I am getting following error during the the checking of the Exchange 5.5 environment with ADC on a windows 2003 server.

    Error ldap -49

    en on the server event viewer is the following show up( i am not sure of those have something to do with each other):

    Error 8026

    LDAP bind was unsuccesful on directory servername…….Directory returned eror:[0x51]. Server down.

    But server is up and running. If someone knows a solution please mail to:

  2. Jeff Loucks says:

    You need to provide your sources Susan… I does no one any to put blind faith in you. Even though we love what you do.

  3. Susan says:

    Ionut Marin </contributorsdetails.asp?id=1579&eventid=8026&eventno=3492>

    (Last update 1/5/2004):

    – Error code: 0x34 – As per Microsoft: "This problem occurs when the

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 component of Small Business Server 2003

    is installed. Event 8026 is generated every time that the computer shuts

    down or starts. This event occurs because of differences in the timing

    between services as they stop and start. You can ignore this event if it

    occurs during computer shutdown and startup". See Q828051 for more details.

    Event ID 8026 Is Logged in Event Viewer After You Install Small Business


  4. zeeshan says:

    i have a problem in my windows 2003 server

  5. Joseph Haygood says:

    I get these errors after running SBS for a couple of weeks. It happens in conjunction with an ISA Server Max Ports error. Not sure what the problem is, but it knocks the server offline and I have to reboot it to reconnect anyone.