SUS on SBS2k3

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This document helps you plan, install, deploy, and test Software Update Services (SUS) Server 1.0 in order to update your Windows® Small Business Server 2003 network.


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  1. Robert Pfannkuche says:

    I am going though the sus on sbs2k3 document and ran into a problem during the install process.

    When loading SUS (SUS10SP1.exe) on my 2003SBS machine I get the

    following error. "Microsoft Software Update Services can only be

    installed on a volume that is formatted with the NTFS file-system.

    Please choose a different location to install the files."

    Both the C and D drive are NTFS drives.

    When I run the program I get a box with extracting sussetup.msi and then a dos box with the msiexec.exe /i sussetup.msi message and then a seperate box with the message above appears. Any ideas?