All of a sudden after weeks of successful tape backups they are now failing
because SBS2003 tries to install drives for "Generic volume shadow copy".
Each time volume shadow copy is activated either by ntbackup or by the
shared folder volume shadow copies, SBS pops up the found new hardware
balloon and tries to install drivers for "Generic volume shadow copy".  It
then shows the dialog box that the driver has not passed Windows logo
testing and asks if I want to proceed.  If I'm at the console and allow it
to continue, the backup will work fine.  Of course this is not normally the
case so the backups via volume shadow copy fail.
Try renaming C:\Windows\system32\CatRoot2 to 
C:\Windows\system32\CatRoot2.sav and reboot the system.

One Response to Issues with Backup and installing drives for “Generic volume shadow copy”?

  1. Dr Max Gringras says:

    Please, what is a generic volume shadow copy? The popup keeps doing so Nd has to be cancelled.
    If I listen to it and try to instal, the computer throws out dire warnings not to do so. Do I need it, and if not how do I stop it?