If your faxes are not opening right, it’s probably because Quicktime was loaded up. Try uninstalling Quicktime or the following steps:

1. Save a .TIF file on the Desktop.
2. Right click on the .TIF file, move to Open With, and then select Choose Program.
3. Select Windows Picture and Fax Viewer from the list. 
NOTE: Place a check mark from Always use the selected program to open this kind of file. 
4. Click OK to open the photo image with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. 
5. Close this window, and then test if this problem is solved.

Take a look at these:

319196 OFFXP: Cannot Preview Scanned TIFF File in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
329270 You Cannot View TIFF Images Using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

An option put forth by Kevin W. in the newsgroups is to load alternative TIF viewer programs:

Check out:
http://www.alternatiff.com/  or http://phoenix.gov/tiffview.html

Gavin reports that alternatiff has lots more options for viewing and he’s considering loading this up on all his installs.



One Response to Are faxes not opening right on your SBS 2003?

  1. Dale Unroe says:

    This is specific to the desktop OS and not the solution for the SBS server.

    Is there a Picture and Fax Viewer software installed into the SBS 2003 OS? I can’t find it to turn it on and was hoping your article addressed this deficiency to view faxes from the SBS Server (especially helpful for remote management).