Ray, the SBS guru posted this to the newsgroup… but I’d highly recommend that you pay attention to his note at the bottom about calling PSS.  Don’t ever be TOO cheap.  Yes, calling PSS is a US$245 call, but it is worth every penny.  The support folks live and breathe SBS and know this box better than anything else.  Don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help for your server. 

296788 Offline Backup and Restoration Procedures for Exchange

I recommend you to make a copy of the old MDBDATA folders. In case 
something goes wrong, you still have an untouch copy.

If the article seems complicated, in a nut shell, here is what you need to 

1. Make a backup of the old MDBDATA folder
2. Stop the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service
3. Delete the files in the mdbdata folder (which contains the new clean 
4. Put back the priv1.edb, priv1.stm, pub1.edb, and pub1.stm
5. Start the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service
6. Open Exchange system Manager, go all the way to the Mailbox Store and 
Public folder store. Right-click each one, database tab. Check the box 
"this database can be overwritten by a restore".
7. Right-click and Mount Store.

If the database is in clean shutdwown state, and you rebuild the server 
with the same server and domain name, the store will mount. Of course, 
there are always other problems that may show up. If you run into the 
problem, post back the errors from the application/system log and see the 
next step.

8. Assuming no problem, then close and reopen the Exchange system manager. 
Expand mailbox store, right click Mailbox, and run Clean up agent. 
Mailboxes on your right should be RedX. Right click each one and Reconnect 
to connect back to a user account. If you don't see the user on the list, 
it means the user already has a clean mailbox. You then need to go to AD 
Users and Computer, right click that user, Exchange Tasks and Delete 
mailbox. Back to Exchange System Manager, run Cleanup agent again, and 
reconnect the mailbox back to the user.

To save time, you should consider calling PSS at 1-800-936-4900 and let us 
to walk you through the steps. 

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