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One Response to SBS2k3 administrator’s companion book is OUT!

  1. Tim Barrett says:

    I just got mine on Friday from Amazon (took them a bazillion years to get it to me). Amazon said "paperback" when I pre-ordered it, but they later changed ISBN 0-7356-2020-2 to show hard-cover (which it is).

    The companion CD includes the entire book (627 pages) in PDF format (27.8MB) so it will easily fit on a SD memory card for reference on a Palm or other PDA. The text can be cut-and-pasted or searched, but not printed in Adobe Acrobat.

    The CD also includes 2 whitepapers on migration from 4.5 & 2000, sample GPO’s, the free version of HFNetChkPro, some hyperlinks to resources on the web, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    I was kind of suprised to see "Installing ISA 2000 and SQL 2000" all the way back in Apendix B, but hey, I’m no author, so what do I know. At least they’re there. 😉

    Also, there are TONS of little "Caution, Note, Tip, Security Alert and Planning" notes in blue throughout the book. And I do mean TONS. You could probably cut and paste your way into one killer cheat sheet with those.

    This book won’t replace the KB articles or newsgroups, because some common issues like Disc 3 are missing. But there is no way you can learn SBS from newsgroups alone. Advanced admins will only get marginal benefit from this book, but everyone else will get more than their money’s worth. Two thumbs up!!