Want to meet a few members of the SBS development team?  First up, SBS Release Manager and Volleyball ref Charles Anthe starts a blog   http://blogs.msdn.com/canthe/   A bit of SBS and smidge of Volleyball expertise.  And given that when I think of Volleyball, I personally think of beaches and sunshine certainly an interesting mix of topics thus far.  While Washington has been having a lot of that lately, that’s not always the case.  Therefore that leads me to beleive that some of that must be inside on indoor Volleyball courts.   🙂

Next up is “Mr. Backup and Mobility“ [that’s geek speak for “Sean’s the guy you want to talk to if you have an issue with “fill in the blank _pocket PC, Smart phone, you name it“ talking with SBS], Sean Daniel.  Sean doesn’t have a blog, but he has a web site http://www.seandaniel.com.  [Running on SBS 2003 we should note] and if you surf around a bit you’ll find out that a bit of congrats to Sean and Kendra are in order too 😉 

You’ll find Sean and Charlie also in the Yahoogroups every now and then checking out what’s going on with SBS.

So here’s just a bit about two members of the team that bring you a little server that can do a lot.


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