and her post reminds me of the number of times that I have to clean up my Sister’s customized Disney desktop when I’m doing my beta testing and beta builds.  Mess with her desktop icons and she’s not a happy camper.

Anne’s post should remind us that sometimes it is the little things that do make an installation and consulting project ‘special’. 

Which reminds me…she sent me a cool card the other day thanking “me” for presenting with her on the topic of Collaboration at the AICPA Tech 2004 Conference [for which we used Wayne Small’s SBS 2003 site in Sydney Australia to really show how there we were collaborating with the information being on a server 1/2 way around the world].  I need to thank HER because I had a blast presenting with her.

Did I ever tell you the story of Jeff Middleton and his SBS server?  Jeff and his wife take a much needed vacation from the Panama Canal area to New Orleans by cruise ship.  On board, satellite connection, vpn ports blocked, yadda yadda and needs to do maintenance on his Exchange server… dials up, remote web workplace using Wayne’s SBS 2003 site [which goes over port 443], then opens up a VPN to his server back in New Orleans and does what he needs to do.  Ship to satellite to Sydney Australia back to New Orleans.

Lufthansa just started offering Wi-fi on their airplanes.  Big things.  But big things start with the little things… and little touches.  Like Anne’s thank you note to me. 

Note to self… ping Anne and say thanks for that note!  🙂


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  1. Anne Stanton says:

    Your trackback thanks is great!