“After you select “Broadband” in CEICW, if you select either PPPOE or “A
local Router device”, then it will disable the Windows Time service. In
order for it to work you needs to select “Direct Broadband connection”.

When you run CEICW, you need to select Broadband -> a Direct broadband
connection instead of a local router device if you want to have Windows
Time service enable. For a router, it might be using ISDN or a modem. To
prevent dial-on-demand router from constantly dialing for time updates, it
is considered as a non-fulltime scenario during CEICW.“

This one has bitten me… I forget that if you choose Broadband/Router it thinks you don’t have a full time connection and will disable the time service.  If you choose this one….

1.  Go into the services and change the service to “automatic“ from disabled and…..

2.  Tie a ribbon on your finger as each time you rerun the CEICW you’ll disable it again.  Remember our talk from the other day… ALWAYS run the CEICW.


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