So I’m reading the RSS feed of Mary Jo Foley and spot this one….. read between the lines guys…that’s our SBS Fallover server.  If you want a backup server that is an exact copy, you now have the right to load it up with your SBS2k3 Software Assurance media.

Microsoft Grants More Software Assurance Concessions:,1995,1595793,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535

Late Wednesday — a little over a month before a number of its customers’
Software Assurance licensing contracts are set to expire — Microsoft
acknowledged it has added a couple more Software Assurance concessions
to its repertoire.
As of
June 1, Microsoft is adding a disaster recovery option, allowing
customers to maintain a free copy of their Software Assurance server
products on a “cold server.” Also as of June 1, Microsoft is adding
MapPoint Web Service and Office Live Meeting to the software that can be
licensed under Software Assurance.


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