And added a new post category of “Needed Patches/Tweaks” to capture all the items needed to finish up an install “after“ the box is loaded with SBS2k3.

I’m stealing this disclaimer from Les [Les is More]

Be aware that this list is a compliation of all hotfixes and configurations.
They do not all apply to all installations, do not use them out of context.
Use only what is required for your installation.

Patch for BCM with SBS2k3 –

Tweak for change in Domain\User after Exchange 2k3 sp1 –

Memory switch tweak

Exchange 2003 sp1 – 

POP3 Connector patch –

ISA Server 2000 – sp2

Tweaks that “I“ personally do –

Installing Trend –

Hotfixes – now included in Exchange 2003 sp1 –

Error #50070 STS_Config –

Change REG key

Disk quotas/permissions

Faxes not opening right?

Sharepoint slow to open?

Error 800423f4 in backup log?

Install SUS

POP Connecter taking all resources?

Install GFI faxmaker

VSC and SQL server issues

Tweak ISA

Disable NDR

Hooking MACs into you LAN?

Add ISA to the console

Flat file backup of Sharepoint

Sharepoint fix

Outlook over HTTP

Anti Virus fix

Enable Full text search

Hotfix for Travan drive

Get Sharepoint through ISA

Exclude site from Google Searches

Sharepoint on first launch

I think that’s all the funky patches and tweaks that us SBSers need for post installation.  Do I need any more?


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  1. David Schrag says:

    Susan, you truly are God’s gift to SBSers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Form must always follow function