….and either I’m blind or not googling properly… we do have our MVP friend Mike Walsh’s site that is specficially WSS, Home – WSS FAQ: http://wss.collutions.com/default.aspx but now I’m searching for webcasts [under the theory a picture is worth a 1,000 words] and finding a lot on Sharepoint PORTAL server but not on WSS.

I found this blog, but it lists SPS not WSS.  MSDN has some stuff, but no pictures.

AH HA… this might just be what I’m looking for… I found this on the Sharepoint customization site.  But I think there still needs to be more content specifically “for” Sharepoint on SBS.  We do have a couple of unique things.  So far I haven’t found any “basic” documentation on the web that helps a newbie get a handle on it.

I’ll keep looking….


3 Responses to ….so I’m looking for a “beginners guide to Sharepoint in the SBS platform”….

  1. Nick says:


    I am working on specifically this as one of the many projects I am doing at the moment. The problem is just time. It will be a video much list the example you give. However, before doing so, I am waiting on smiling goat’s file manager. (I want to show that.)


    Nick Whittome

  2. Steve Downs says:

    Hi Susan,

    Have you seen these guys?




    (scroll down – some WSS specific stuff here)



    Some of these guys are not very active but you might get something out of their blogs. I may be wrong but Sharepoint on WSS looks like the Portal and not just Sharepoint Services installed on WSS.

  3. Wayne Small says:

    You may also want to include http:// http://www.wssdemo.com it has lots of cool WSS stuff.