So over on Mary Jo’s blog she’s been talking in the past about how Microsoft is making a bigger push for supporting ISV’s [you know,  Developers, developers, developers….] and just today the “blog” worked in a mysterious way.  The other day I posted about how to get hotfixes.  And I admit when I call, I’m normally getting one hotfix at a time AND I’m in the USA where I can call an 800 number 24/7.  Today in the comment section, I got a post from Mica about how he was an ISV/OEM and he had gone through the KBs and tracked down a whole bunch of hotfixes that he needed for a project that he is developing.  He had called PSS and the contact there had asked Mica to email him the list of patches.  The PSS contact forwarded the request to the Windows 2003 server group and that’s where the ball got dropped. 

Bottom line Mica never got his patches.  So I asked Mica for the PSS contact and then started a series of follow up emails and bottom line Mica now has his patches that he needs [thanks Brad].

But here’s the /rant part of the email:

It shouldn’t be this hard.

Why can’t there be a web site that an ISV or OEM uses an authenticator …say passport [yeah I know, we all hate to use it for authentication but get over it] to get into and then can download whatever hotfixes they need.  We all know they aren’t regression tested.  We all know that we should test them first [for the record I’ve historically had more good experiences with hotfixes than Service packs …but that’s another story].

Make it easier for ISV’s and OEMs to get these hotfixes.  I totally understand that there is no such thing as “perfect“ software and never will be, but I would want my manufacturer to have the ability to ensure he’s got the latest “whatever“ he needs to build me the best system ever.


One Response to …so you want to support ISV’s better?

  1. Mica Ringel says:

    No doubt Susan is a true MVP to have actively assisted to correct this ‘issue’… even on a Saturday!

    Thanks again. -Mica