…and he’s not finding anything……

….because it’s not in a KB.  It’s in a whitepaper! 

SBS 2000 ~

Microsoft TechNet: Adding a Server to Your Existing Small Business Server 2000 Network:

SBS2k3 ~

Download details: Deploying Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server to Host User Desktops in a Windows Small Business Server 2003 Environment:

The moral of this story is YES you can add a second server, a member server, a backup domain controller [remind me to blog on the “Myths of SBS by the way”] and here is the exact instructions on how to do it.

The myth belief in the public is that SBS can only have one domain controller and thus it’s a platform “prone to failure”.  Poppycock! Rubbish! Steve Foster [SBS bud] would say.  First off, knock wood, I’ve never had an issue only having one Primary domain controller, and two, if you want a backup domain controller, stick one on there dude!  There’s nothing stopping you!

Just remember that while you can log in, your email is still down.  Also remember that unless you have disabled cached credentials, you can get on that profile even if the network is offline.  It will find the network once it finally comes back.

Don’t panic when you read that the SBS platform only has one domain controller.  That SHOULD read one “PRIMARY“ domain controller.



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