…with Google being affected by the Mydoom virus.  Must have Google… can’t live without google…. can’t newsgroup without google…. can’t GOOGLE without google!!

While last weeks bagel was a real “stupid computer user” virus [like a normal paranoid computer user couldn’t look at the bagel emails that had no body message, a stupid subject line and an attachment that SCREAMED “I’m a virus!  Stupid Computer User click here” and STILL click that attachment and get themselves infected, today’s MyDoom was way more believable of an email.

This Mydoom one of today was a lot more into social engineering.  I got an email this morning from my ISP that said my account had been sending out a lot of spam this weekend and that I’d better check my system with the attached file… yeah… right…I said… fat chance.  But it was still enough to trick possibly most not so paranoid folk.

This is why proactively BLOCKING these attachments is key.  The virus companies were scrambling to get the dat files out.  Don’t even let these files into your network, either using the SBS file attachment blocking wizard or using Trend [or your Antivirus] to block these.

Also on a paranoid note…I was in Macy’s tonight [a department store in my city] and I honestly do much of my shopping online and have not been in the store in a long time.  So it was pretty obvious that they were updating their database when they swiped in my Macy’s card, asked to see my Driver’s License [swiped it in], wanted my address, phone number.. and get this… asked me to enter my Social Security number on the sign-on-the-screen thingamabob.  As I entered in the Social Security number, the numbers were in plain view on the screen of the device that normally you just sign your name on. 

Okay … I think I’m getting paranoid because entering in the Social Security number freaked me out especially the fact that it was not even blocked on the screen while I was entering it…..I mean HIPAA rules are there to protect my privacy and electronic health information but what about my rights on my personal data.  I just gave Macy’s and their IT department, my credit card number, my signature image, my address, my phone number AND my Social Security number.  I have no idea if their network system is patched, scanned, and if that transmission of my Social Security number is encrypted while in transmission…I assume it is… but I really don’t know, do I?   Okay so maybe being a little too geeky and a little too paranoid is not a good thing?  😉  


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