When Nathan grows up….

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I’m down in Los Angeles visiting with my girlfriend and her nine year old little boy is demonstrating his UC Irvine Tech Camp project.  He worked on MAC computers to do digital photography and then worked on developing a game.  The camp runs about a week and each child does a project and then presents it on the final day.  We’ve come down to also go to a baby shower for another girlfriend, but will be going to the Tech Camp presentation tomorrow. 

When I was his age, we didn’t have computer camps…. for that matter my first introduction to computers was in high school.  My goodness.. when Nathan grows up… can you imagine how much technology he will have absorbed as just “normal”. 

I had to laugh though.  On Michael Howard’s blog he talked about how he was talking to game designers on how to code more securely in the gaming industry. That’s one thing that hopefully will occur “as Nathan grows up”.  All developers will think about security.  For now, I’ll let Nathan off the hook and just sit here amazed at what a 9 year old is being introduced to. 

My sister was talking to my Dad about our city’s new natural gas/hybrid busses that have global positioning units on them so that they can track the bus locations at any point in time, have cameras on board to ensure that the driver is okay and electronically counts how many get on and get off the bus. 

Look what we now take for granted…. as I sit here typing on my laptop connected wirelessly to my friend’s computer system….and replay/tivo TV in the living room. 

Here’s to the next generation.  My hat’s off to you Nathan.

Update – photos from the “Family presentation“ at IDTechCamp are online here.


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