ISA 2004

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… so like when are we getting it?  seems to be the big question in the newsgroup

 [I just got an email on this as a matter of fact]


We need Windows 2003 sp1 to come out before be can get our wizardized ISA 2004 which will be included in Small Business Server Service Pack 1.  If you want to put ISA 2004 on your server, remember that …..

a.  You won’t have help from the newsgroups … I’m staying with what is official for our platform which is ISA 2000.

b.  You will have to get help from the folks at and trust me… sometimes those ISA guys are not exactly SBS friendly  🙂

c.  You’ll have to buy the product outright and get the necessary cals if you want it NOW.

“Already know you that which you need“… Yoda

Stay with the force… patience,  young padawan, patience.

ETA is 2005.



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