Jim Allchin on future plans

On August 28, 2004, in news, by

If you don’t know who Jim Allchin, VP at Microsoft is, you need to be introduced to him.  There’s a reason why he has white hair.  He makes a lot of the technical decisions about the operating system that most of us use around here.  The blogosphere is a buzzing over the changes to Longhorn just announced.

Jim Allchin is on Channel 9 talking about it

Mary Jo Foley is blogging about it

Along with Joe Wilcox

Jim Allchin has been at the MVP summit and in front of the audience he’s made statements like “We screwed up”.  Once of the many reasons why I have a lot of trust in the man.  He has the honesty to go in front of a group of people who are good at being blunt and honest and do likewise.



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