Can you make the numbers bigger please?

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So I ordered a replacement for my SCSI harddrive and the item that arrived was ddy”f”-t36950 not ddy”s”-t36950.  And then Ken and I are trying to confirm that it’s a 64 pin not an 80 pin.  [Can you tell I’m a software gal not a hardware gal?]  Finally we spot in little tiny writing 64P.

Bottom line, my poor server is sitting there with it’s sides all hanging open as I order the “right” drive.  In addition to a source on the web, I ordered one from ebay.  Knowing what you have, having spare parts around [and that’s my fault on that one], that’s what I don’t think we SBSers really do enough of.  We want “true fallover redundancy when all we really need is to ensure that we have the right part on the shelf.  That’s another thing that I’ll be talking about at SMBNation.  How really easy it is to find out exactly what hardware you have to ensure that you don’t get stuck.

Watch the tape backup log email that you get.  Make sure it backs up.  Test it every now and then. 

I’ve given Jeff Middleton the task to build my next server.  So why am having one built rather than buying a Dell or a IBM or a HP?  For one, I trust Jeff.  Two, I’ve just had [knock wood] good luck and a good feeling about the parts in my servers.  Adaptec controller cards.  Intel.  The players may be changing a bit these days and some folks may argue that S-ATA drives are coming into play, but bottom line, when you have a part from a known manufacturer and with “history” behind it, I just feel better about it that’s all.

So anyone want a ddyf-t36950 drive?


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