Typing up the SBS news of the week and was on Microsoft’s just opened Small Business site and linked off to upcoming webcasts and found a couple of good ones!

Dr. J will be presenting TechNet Webcast: “Ask The IT Security Experts” Series: Preventing Network Hacking Level – 200   on September 21st and his webcasts are always entertaining AND informative. [I can never spell his last name right two times in a row, so it’s Dr. J]

Oooh Steve Riley will be presenting on XP sp2 on Thursday.. save me some popcorn for that one too!

Bottom line check out those webcasts.  A TON of good stuff this month and don’t forget the MSDN webcast blog too to keep you up to date on what is coming up!



3 Responses to Everyone should check out the webcast pages every so often…

  1. Bill V says:

    I would love to view the webcast but viewing them live is not always an option. I’ve seen some webcasts that are downloadable. Are the webcast all downloadable for offline viewing? Do you have a link for archived webcasts?



  2. Bill V says:


    Thanks for the link. I’ve been there before. Seems like a lot to go through just to view a previously taped webcast with the registration and all. Also, needs to be viewed online. Prefer to download and watch offline.

    A good enhancement for the SBS’rs out there would be to add a webcast option to the http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/sbs/default.mspx page. This way all SBS specific webcasts could be easily viewable. The on-demand page lists all webcasts. A bit cumbersome.

    Just my 2 cents…


    Bill V