BBC NEWS | Technology | Surf the net while surfing waves:

… and the sad thing is… my only complaint is that you can’t truly surf the ‘net and truly surf the waves at the same time …. but other than that ……

I can just hear the tech help desk now… “Help desk, do you have a problem?

“Like wow man I just had a wipeout“

You wiped your harddrive?“

“No man, like I came on this like gnarly pipeline at Banzai Beach but when I like ….. wiped out ….man… total wipeout “

You have a BSOD?“

“No man, the waves, totally awesome, but just can’t get the right carve today, and keep mullering, can you help?“

Uh, sir, we do computer tech support here.“

“Dude, you aren’t the surf support hotline?“

uh…no sir.“

“Well here on the stick below this screen was your 800 number“

😉  ~Susan



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