So it’s the desktops, stupid….

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I get this call today from an Attorney in my town asking for my advice regarding a couple of network bids he’s gotten and one is pushing Novell 6.5 [not the Linux kernel] and he’s worried about the long term-ness of Novell.  I don’t blame him.  That’s why I left Novell back in the 3/4 days and switched to Windows.  He said the guy who was ‘specing’ out the server system said that they just had constant security issues with Windows.

Yo.  Hold the phone here.  Constant security issues?  We haven’t had a security patch in seeimingly ages [if you don’t count sp2] and if you are kidding yourself if your security issues are going to go away if you choose one server OS over another.  I asked the attorney if he ran with local admin mode [Q:  do you let you employees do whatever they want to do on their systems  A:Yes]  Then dude your security issues will not change ONE BIT if you choose one server over another.  If you don’t control your DESKTOPs you won’t be solving the real issue.

DotNetRocks has this week a Dev look at least privilege so it looks like the Devs’ may be getting closer to seeing the light.  Control our workstations and THAT’s where the security lies. 

Programming with Least Privilege – Don Kiley

This week on DNR, well-known author, developer, and speaker Don Kiely tells
us why it’s important to develop software (and do everything else on your
PC) running as a non-admin. He offers some advice on what the pitfalls and
challenges are as well as the benefits. It’s a new world, and the days of
running as administrator are over, or at least they should be.


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