Just got an update email about Software Assurance.  You know the program we all love to hate?  And you know what, for all of it’s annoyances I would still argue it’s worth it for my cold server rights and the future of Windows 2003 R2.  Notice I didn’t say SBS 2003 SP1 which will be coming out next year… I said Server R2.  That release AFTER Windows 2003 SP1 will include Network protection which will “vet“ your connection BEFORE it logs onto your network… not just VPN connections but local connections as well.  Understand what that means… if you have a workstation that is not compliant with your patch level, your antivirus engine, your firewall policy, it doesn’t log on. 

Policy, Technology, Compliance testing.

Now that’s cool.  The concept of the technology is talked about in actual practice at Microsoft.  You don’t get patched, you don’t get a connection.  I want that.  And I’m going to get that because I’m on Software Assurance.  See why I like it?

We are excited to tell you about new enhancements to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service (MVLS) Web site (https://licensing.microsoft.com) that will make it easier for you, as a Microsoft Software Assurance customer, to take advantage of all your Software Assurance benefits.

The enhancements to MVLS are designed to improve your ability to get information about your Software Assurance benefits quickly. Below are a few of the key updates now available:

    • Enhanced SA Benefit Reporting – Software Assurance benefit administrators can now get status reports of how benefits are being utilized within your company from your Microsoft Large Account Reseller or Enterprise Software Advisor  Reporting on available and utilized benefits for the Home Use Program, Employee Purchase Program, Problem Resolution support requests, Microsoft training vouchers and media kit shipments. Customers can continue to see training voucher, Home Use Rights for Office and media kit consumption information on MVLS.

            Benefit Subscription Transfer – When a customer renews to a new agreement, subscriptions and users on the old agreement will be automatically transferred to the new agreement when it is activated and the first purchase order with an SA purchase order line item is initiated, providing a simple and automated way to ensure no disruption in service for the customer. This will result in a benefit transfer notification email to the benefit administrators on old agreement and new agreement.       
    Premier Customers can now Use Their Premier ID to Submit SA Incidents – Premier customers can now submit Software Assurance support requests by phone with only their Premier Access ID. Contact your Technical Account Manager for more information.

            Simplified Multiple Benefit Contact Assignment – Benefit administrators can save valuable time with the new ability to add multiple users at a time for end-user benefits such as Problem Resolution Support, TechNet Plus, TechNet Online Concierge Chat and Certified Partner Learning Solutions training vouchers.  

Additional features to MVLS include enhancements to several other benefits and improved navigation to provide you with more ways to take advantage of your organizations’ Software Assurance and Microsoft technology. For a full list of these system enhancements, please visit the MVLS site. These enhancements are part of an ongoing endeavor to improve the value you receive from Microsoft technology.  For more information about your Software Assurance benefits, visit our Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/programs/sa or you can speak with a Software Assurance support representative about any of these service improvements at 1-866-230-0560.


One Response to What is a pain, but I love it? SA that’s what!

  1. Anthony says:

    And what is your pain? I see you love is the future release of the vpn/quarantine for the lan vs. RRAS.