So tonight because I’m still on the old server here, and I’m updating OfficeScan and Scanmail to the latest upgraded versions.  As I earlier blogged, Trend needs an updated engine to handle the new dat file numbering.  Well when I got back to my office, because I have ad-watch running it freaked out my Trend notificiation back to the server so now my Dat file says I’m on version ???

Of course that could be a comment on my mental state today.  This morning I was dealing with an accounting program that just drives me crazy.  You see in my biz we have every accounting program that our clients have and then some.  Quickbooks in every flavor, MAS 90, and this one that will go nameless as it’s a real annoying program.  So much so that when I was reinstalling it on the local worksation of the co-worker that needed it, the file location is now c:\ireallyhatethisprogram [I’m not joking – I really called it that and it doesn’t mind it one bit]

Oh and more thing… yo… Scanmail?  When updating?  Can you warn me ahead of time that you will want to reboot the server?  Good thing I did it off hours.  The life of a IT Joe [or Jill in my case] is that you work around other people’s time. 


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