I’m really bummed

On September 28, 2004, in Rants, by

It just dawned on me that I did exactly what I didn’t want to do.  First of October will be the anniversary of the official launch of SBS 2003.  And I still remember posting in the newsgroup when someone posted last year that they were thinking about waiting a year to roll out SBS 2003.  I said at that time … no way, that I couldn’t install it immediately last year in my office but that I wasn’t going to wait a year.  It just hit me today that that’s exactly what I’ve done due to a busy summer with traveling and other scheduling. So now it’s definitely gotta go in because I want Windows 2003 at the office, I want the security feature of Enhanced IE lockdown.  The fact that when you give “everyone” rights to a folder that it’s not like Windows 2000 and gives anonymous user rights.  And then I’m bummed because my workstations don’t have the new Trend CSM suite that has the spyware protection.

I just told a guy in the SBS newsgroup who was looking for SBS 4.5 cals to save his money and budget for an upgrade.  It just bugged me tonight that I was spending time upgrading two programs that I really want to get rid of so I can be on the SMB suite.  By the way, everyone is aware of the Trend competitive upgrade, right?

I mean I love antiques and historical stuff, but not in technology, you know?


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  1. Stevereno says:

    Darn, a competitive upgrade offer for Trend products but for only 2 products. I’m using Computer Associates eTrust Gateway Antivirus product and can’t take advantage of Trend’s offer. Maybe you can put a bug in Trend’s ear and expand the list of competitive products to include CA as well.

    My spyware protection consists of blocked destination sets on as many adware and ad sites that I can find. If the users can’t click on it they can’t infect their systems with spyware. It does take dilligence however because you have to take a peek at the ISA logs to see what you might be missing. Once you build a good list you can offer it to your customers as part of your maintenance program.

    I plan to write about this soon with an easy way to add the destination set to ISA server.