So I’m trying NOT to freak out here

On September 28, 2004, in Security, by

Boss/partner brings in his HP laptop so I can upgrade it to Windows XP sp2.  [It’s the really cool HP with the built in ten key that all us bean counters go ooooohhhhhhhhhh]  So I boot it up to begin the upgrade process and there’s a spysware scanner program on it.  Oh cool, right? 

Uh…no, not so cool.  I didn’t install it. Where it came from, I’m not exactly sure.  Fortunately I do some hunting that it is a freeware spyscanner so I’m not freaking…. completely…but still it points out that “social engineering” can easily trick someone into downloading a program and installing it. 

Because he has full rights to that machine, he can install anything without thinking of the consequences. 

I/We need to get used to running as a plain user.  There was something I read a night or two ago that Network Quarantine/protection would be huge for us good guys in the year ahead at the same time Social Engineering would be huge for the bad guys.


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  1. Henry Craven says:

    So did -you- install the Viewpoint media player to see the 3D inage if the HP ?