I’ve almost got the last part of my Patch Management book done and I’m about to the part where I’m going to earn my Strawberry Milkshake.  I’m sure you are saying…”say what?”.  You see, Anne and I bet the guys at Ecora that we could get some C_O’s to read our e-book.  [You know CFO, CIOs the head honchos that over look the company but let someone else worry about the details].  Our bet?  Milkshakes.  Why we picked that as our bet, I have no idea.  But we did.  So I already have in mind a one page or two page AT THE MOST document that has bullet points and key issues for the owner/CIO, CFO, the decision maker.  I’m planning to have instructions to tear it out and either send it annoymously or slide it under their nose. 

Something that has no more that like three paragraphs or so but will attempt to wack them upside the head and wake them up to giving their staff the empowerment to:

  • Have the tools they need to get the job done [whether it’s patching or group policy, you need to be on a 2000 platform]

  • Wake up and realize that Windows 98/95 is dead and never had security in the first place

Too many times people state that “we can’t afford to upgrade“.  But …. you aren’t costing the blue screens that cost you downtime, the lack of the event viewer.  Show me an IT admin, help desk guy or girl and what’s the operating system that I’ll bet another set of milkshakes that they hate… 9X boxes. 




2 Responses to Tomorrow I work on earning my “Strawberry milkshake”

  1. Dahlia says:

    how do you make milkshake boxes ( about medium size.)

  2. Dahlia says:

    how do you make milkshake boxes about (the medium size.)