Just got the word that we have a new SBS family member:


Part # T75-00644 – SBS Premium Step Up w/ 5CALs through Open Value. ERP: $1,367  is launching tomorrow. This is the SKU that will convert any customer with SBS Standard w/SA to SBS Premium w/SA.


VERY VERY cool!  This is what we asked for in the MSSmallbiz community and got it!  It means that if your client is on SA for the standard and they realize that having SQL server and ISA is a good thing, then they don’t have to jump out of the SA world into the retail world [there was only the SBS Premium upgrade via retail channels before]


This is way way cool.  Remember what I’ve said about SA?  It means that I get the toys and whistles and bells in the future and I don’t have to worry about them.  Microsoft even has a ROI calculator.  Don’t know if that tool is SBSized, but for me, it just made sense then and makes sense now to sign up for Software Assurance.


4 Responses to You asked for it… we GOT IT…. new SBS family member

  1. stuart applegate says:

    Hi Susan

    While on the topic of SBS product etc, I was wondering if u have heard this story and whether it is rumour or fact?

    One of my tech guys was told by an MCT during a recent SBS MOC 2395a course that Microsoft are now sending an email to the licensed owner every time an Open Business licence (OBL) is installed, even though OBL does not require an online activation?

    Your thoughts?


    Stu Applegate

    down under – in an earthquake free zone !

  2. Susan says:

    All SBS’s require activation? I’m not sure what he’s talking about?

  3. Anthony says:

    speaking of WPA and SBS03:

    Anything going on @ M$ (remember positive $) concerning testing disaster recovery and WPA. As it stands if I test my restore on a temp workstation I have to call and "lie" to get WPA.

    Hopefully you can push this somewhere.


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