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I’m just a wacko SBSer who started down this path by hanging out in the SBS newsgroup community.  I’m not a Microsoft employee or affiliated with Microsoft.

I hope you hang out, feel the SBS “vibe” and join in the SBS community!

Blogger disclosure:

Get free software that I can use for testing via the MVP program.  The community server license for the msmvps.com is donated.  Ownwebnow graciously donates bandwidth and hardware.

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6 Responses to About me!

  1. You are my heroine.. What a blog; and what a woman.

  2. tical says:

    you are a mental case. I have you kill filtered from the sbs list.

  3. Susan says:

    Sorry to hear that you think that. I honestly don’t post that much on that list anyway.

  4. Jeff Middleton says:

    Yes, truer words never spoken. Susan is a nut case.

    Susan is committed to doing so many things that help many people in more ways than it ever helps her. Susan says what’s on her mind about the technology experience of the average people without judgment upon herself first on a scale of amateur, expert, or victim. Susan misses no opportunity to ask a question, and then engage with anyone in a discussion that becomes a learning experience for her, or someone else, or the industry. Sometimes the question or rant she pursues is mistaken for being simple or an annoying topic, rather than being recognized as fundamental in scale. Susan’s instincts to learn and yet share the skills she gains are a model for all of us who presume to give back to the community.

    Susan sees structure or attitude which blocks communication as an obstruction. She pursues communication that transcends obstructions with opportunities as a virtue. Susan is the strongest advocate I know for that axiom that a rising tide lifts all boats, and she is tireless in pursuit of creating a rising tide. She will also bring you a boat if you ask.

    Susan is someone loyal to anyone who shows her kindness. She is forgiving or apologetic or self-effacing, with a genuine courage for humility. Susan’s personality is bluntly odd in the world of uber-geeks, and refreshing if you don’t mind seeing you own poor attitudes in relief.

    For her friends, Susan is a friend. For a newbie, Susan is a friend. For the industry in need of less formal channels, she is a friend. If you have a question that needs introduction to someone with an answer, Susan is a friend. If you have a selfless idea that needs some momentum, Susan is a friend. If passion, kindness, and sincerity are not among your sympathies, then Susan is a nut by any measure, and her dialog will annoy you consistently regardless of the topic.

    In a world that honestly needs more people to just be people instead of attitudes and platitudes, she is a friend.

    Susan is a kindness magnet.

  5. Joel Hansen says:

    Thanks Susan! Knowing more about you. I first started on the patchmanagement listserv to get more information, your all over it. So, today I had to find out who is this woman with such opinion and yes, helpful nature. I myself do not use SBS, I have had to support the darn OS. Arrgghhh. Thanks for being there and your concern and thoughtfulness.

    Joel Hansen

    University of Arizona

    Support Systems Analyst Senior

  6. SeiberCPA says:


    Remind me again – which one are you?

    The one with the cool glasses or the one with the ears?

    As Jeff Middleton says – you are a friend. And those of us that count you as a friend appreciate it


    Terry Seiberlich, CPA CITP SBS2003 User