has just started a newsletter geared towards end users called “OUCH”.  Cool!  Sign up here!

Just to give you a sneak peak, here’s the table of contents for this edition:

 What To Avoid This Month

I. Email from people trying to get you to divulge private details.   These are often trying to steal your identity (and your money)
 I.1 Phishers Are Getting Together
 I.2 Scam of the Month
 I.3 AT&T – Credit Card Declined
 I.4 Wells Fargo – ‘Wells Fargo Customer Support: Transactions security     standards update.’
 I.5 ‘Verify your billing information at Earthlink.’

II. Virus/Hoax Alerts
 II.1 Backdoor-CCT

III. Interesting links about Phishing

IV. FTC Goes Phishing, Nails Scammer


2 Responses to Looking for Security awareness stuff for end users?

  1. Anne Stanton says:

    But do they have RSS feeds? 🙂 Definitely going to check that out.

  2. Greg Hoffman says:

    We also have a selection of free Security Awareness Materials for end-users…