Woody says SBS Rocks!

On October 22, 2004, in news, by

Woody’s current “Woody’s Office Watch” leads off with “SBS ROCKS!

Why yes, Woody.. it does doesn’t it?!

Don’t you love good geek newsletters on a Friday?

Savvy computer users can do the SBS setup themselves, but we suggest
you save yourself a lot of time and angst – get a SBS consultant to
come in and walk through the setup and configuration with you.  We were
lucky enough to have Wayne Small from
http://www.correct.com.au  who
did a first-class job.  After the initial setup, Wayne could remotely
connect to the machine from his office to make any fixes we could not
figure out for ourselves – a time and money saver for both consultant
and customer.

Once Wayne was done with the initial setup, we took over for the rest. 
SBS 2003 comes with some nice features for beginner administrators. 
There’s a To Do list of items to work through and the Management
Console has wizards galore for common tasks like Adding users, Creating
Backups etc.

Way to go Wayne! [Fellow SBS MVP]


One Response to Woody says SBS Rocks!

  1. Anne Stanton says:

    Wayne’s awesome, Susan’s awesome, SBS is awesome!