Charlie Anthe [SBS release manager/Volleyball guru] comes through once again with a gem of a post.  And he showcases how Microsoft really uses the Dr. Watson “dump” technology to understand what is going on under the hood.  Interesting that hardware is one of the issues that they are seeing.  I’ve [knock wood] chugged on my SBS 2000 because of the hardware I chose.

Eric F also loves dump files.  You can be pounding your head on an issue and you contact PSS [Eric is “uber PSS” i.e. he’s called in on the really gunky “weedy” stuff] and within seconds/minutes after uploading that file they are telling you what is going on with your system.

You hit the “send this to Microsoft” when the crash program prompts you and you help all of us.  Now that said, I still have people think that they specificially track the crash that got sent up such that “I” can just call Redmond and say “Hey we just hit the send button and can you look up the dump crash our system just sent you?”  Doesn’t quite work that way.  If you are having issues, call Microsoft Product Support Services and they can set up a dump session.  Make sure you state that you are running a SBS box to ensure that you get back to the “Motherships” for SBS [my nick name for the locations around the world that have the PSS support engineers that are just as wacko of SBSers as we are].  You are in very good hands when one of the SBS “Motherships” are at the helm.


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