To whom it may concern:

On October 24, 2004, in Rants, by

I don’t want Rolex watches.  I don’t need V_agra.  I don’t need P_nus enlargement.  I don’t want an IBM laptop.

When I go to the HP web site and look at the 3d version of the zd7000 notebook, I didn’t give you the right to suddenly load something called Viewpoint.

If I load up AOL’s IM client, I also didn’t allow you to load this up or whatever else you allow to tag along.  You have this ad campaign on that says you care about stopping malware.

To whatever software….I didn’t give you the right to install Wild Tangent.

I didn’t give you the right to install WexTech Answerworks either.

And ZDnet, after I specifically opted out of newsletters and email, I still ended up with junk mail from you guys.

Apparently you as vendors think that we’re stupid enough just to put up with this?  Maybe we are because we aren’t putting up the fuss we really should be doing.

And the sad part is how much effort we put into cleaning these boxes up.  We can’t trust them anymore.  Yet we spend so much time and energy in malware tools when we should be flattening them and rebuilding the systems.

I was just chatting online with a guy who just rebuilt a system yesterday, loaded up AOL IM [for friends and family] and ended up with Viewpoint.  So I’m recommending that he loads up Trillian instead that plugs into multiple IM clients.  Mind you he’s re-flattening a system he just built because he’s in an industry were security is important and having programs “do thing” that he didn’t authorize is just not his way. 

Maybe that’s the thing to do.  “Vote” with our feet and walk away from vendors that do this.  Or email them.  Or talk to their representatives.  Or…. well you get the idea…. start speaking out against this.  If we don’t, we won’t “own” our systems anymore.


2 Responses to To whom it may concern:

  1. Russell Brown says:

    I couldn’t agree more and you can add as another site that allows these scumware programs. If Microsoft wants us to believe that they want security first they still need to clean up their own mess first.

    Spent several hours this weekend cleaning spyware, with one computer having over 5000 instances. Granted it was a home user with teenage boys. 🙂


  2. rojo says:

    I "own" systems every day. I don’t know what you’re talking about. =)

    Actually I do. I came here on a Google search for WexTech, trying to figure out what the WexTech and Answerworks folders were doing in my Program Files\Common Files directory. Thanks for confirming my suspicion.