Want to play a game?

On October 24, 2004, in Security, by

A game of picking passphrases? 

Okay here’s the rules.  Think of a passphrase that you would use.  Say…. Mountain Dew comes in five flavors!  Now send that to passstud@microsoft.com.  In the latest installment of Passwords versus Passphrases by Dr. Jesper Johansson he asks:

In this installment of the passwords article series, we took a first a step toward analyzing passwords and pass phrases. As you might have noticed, however, we do not know much about the pass phrases people use. In order to understand more about this, we would like to ask you a favor. If you would like to help us, think of a pass phrase you might use (preferably not the one you are currently using!) and e-mail it to passstud@microsoft.com*. We hope to get enough samples to be able to perform some analysis on pass phrases and understand how they are actually formed.

Sounds like fun!


2 Responses to Want to play a game?

  1. David Mackie says:

    How about "Steve Riley is a better presenter than Jesper Johansson" oooops too guessable 8-;

    Just sent to Jesper too

  2. David Mackie says:

    Guess I should explain that I have been to a number of Jesper’s sessions and I think the only thing he needs is to be rated higher than Steve on Eval Forms