From today’s mailbag, James asks “What type of emails do YOU or others send to the companys employee’s to get them excited about the install that is coming soon?“ 

Good question.  I know in my firm we have training sessions to ensure that folks know how to use the new stuff and while the SBS box sends out an “welcome to your new server“ email, it certainly isn’t something that folks probably take the time to read. 

I know that Chad does indepth training in Outlook [and Sharepoint] for his clientele but I don’t know if he sends out emails “ahead“ of time. 

This is part of that “managing expectations“ process.  There does need to be a process where you communicate with your clientele and ensure they are aware of the process. 

In my firm, before the install is rolled out, I normally don’t send out notifications ahead of time, I do the training once the install is rolled out. 

So I’ll ask the community out here…. do you send out emails ahead of time to let the employees know what is in store?  How much training do you budget ahead of time for your install?


One Response to From Today’s mailbag, James asks “Do you send emails to clients prior to the install?”

  1. Anne Stanton says:

    We are discussing the roll out of new Accounting Information Systems in my current MBA Class and one of the comments from the group was about a stress relieve system. Seems that they had this room with white paper walls and markers. The room was for conversion stress and staff were encouraged to go in a draw, write or vent on the walls. This was a fun project during transition that helped all!