What’s your favorite add on to SBS 2003?

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Went out to dinner tonight with Jim Locke [founder of the LA SBS User/partner group] and we were talking about how we didn’t know if there was a web site resource that listed ALL of the products that had “SBS” versions that we had come across.  We were talking about how I had sent Dana to talk to Jim about the SBS marketplace and how it was really hard to find out sales numbers for our marketplace out here to give as a “carrot” for vendors to start coming into this space.  The best I”ve found is some Yankee Group research, but even then a lot of vendors have to, I guess go on faith.

I’d like to start blogging about those vendors that have made the effort to join the SBS family.  Kind of a way to keep track of those folks that have taken the time to be SBS family members. 

We already talked about those vendors that came and supported SMBNation

In Googling “Small Business Server 2003 version“ let me see what I can find:

Hmmm… got a little problem here Vern.  I’m not getting hits of programs that have SBS versions.  But I know they are out here.  I know for a fact that Yosemite Tape Backup has a SBS version.

There’s got to be more than this.

Okay folks… help me out here!  If you know of a third party program that has a SBS version, either post it in the comment section or email me at sbradcpaATpacbell.net and I’ll accumulate the programs that you’ve found to be “SBS Family members”.


<oops realized I screwed up my email address — it’s sbradcpaATpacbell.net>


7 Responses to What’s your favorite add on to SBS 2003?

  1. Richard Cass says:

    A few vendors for your list, Susan:

    Dantz Retrospect 6.5 – another tape backup software.

    Veritas Backup Exec (of course!)

    McAfee Active Virus Defense SMB Edition

  2. Jim Locke says:

    ColumbiaSoft has DocumentLocator for SBS. It is a document management package. For more info, see:


  3. Jason Jystad says:

    Symantec also has an SBS edition.


    Though I have been using Panda instead, since Symantec support has been really crappy. It has it’s limitations as well but I actually like Panda better.

    Panda doesn’t reallly offer an SBS edition, they just set their price point low enough that they are perfectly competitive with everyone else’s SBS editions when you are dealing with the seat counts we have at the SBS level.


  4. Ron says:

    Have there been any comparisons of Anti-virus suites for SBS?

    I’m a Norton/Symantic person by default, but I like to have something more than anecdotal evidence to give clients.

  5. Sean says:

    Trend Micro offers excellent anti-virurs protection suites that work with Small Buisines Server. I have had great success with these products.