Note to all… if you have a sudden problem with one or two workstations in your clients’ offices that insist on booking appointments an hour off of everyone else, make sure they have the box checked “automatically adjust for daylight savings time“ by clicking on the time in the system tray and checking the second tab on the time screen that pops up.  I swear that EVERY OEM Dell I’ve ever purchased does not retain this setting, yet every workstation that I’ve personally installed has kept that setting.  Yet Dell support reps blame Microsoft, yet I know that cleanly installed XP machines retain this setting.

Bottom line, if you’ve bought a new Dell since April, double check this little box, otherwise that workstation may think it’s an hour different than everyone else.

Remember we’re changing the time tonight!


One Response to Is your Outlook posting appointments an hour off?

  1. Andy Haigh says:

    I think it might be a problem with the OEM install process as I have the same thing on HP OEM installs as well, even though I tick the box in the setup questions it is unticked when you login.